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Tredegar / part 2

3d Design + Production / Graphic Design / Presentation Support


The challenge was that the once every 3 year global trade fair for non-woven textiles, INDEX 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland was almost here.  There was no chance of initial product runs being complete in time for live wet lab demos in their stand.  The marketing team at Tredegar was fast on its feet, having 3D-MA (in partnership with Atlantic Exhibits – see case study 1) create a highlight reel documenting the results of prototype lab tests, chock full of enough data and specs to make Sheldon Cooper happy.  We’ve honestly never seen people stop dead in their tracks for a looped video quite like this, especially when (IMHO) it’s not even edutainment.  Just the facts Ma’am.

But it is Soft?

The rub against non-woven fabrics (I know.  Sorry!  Rub.  Had to say it), is that while they can wick away moisture, they are perceived as being not as soft as cotton or natural materials.  So besides presenting tenable scientific video evidence to the international mix of highly educated conference attendees, they want to touch and feel every last white roll of product film you have onsite.  Again, the Tredegar marketing team came through with the idea of creating a touch station contest at the front of the stand.  Which one is softest?  A, B or C?  I can tell you from experience their non-woven films are more soft than natural material.  The data driven and interactive touch experience was brought to life in a newly branded, compelling and inviting trade show stand, with all design and executive production managed by 3D-MA.  Exceptionally skilled skiing in the Alps, not so much.

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