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Tredegar / part 1

Brand Development / Visual Identity / Videography

Tred-Abracadabra!  The fluid above magically disappears thanks to technology developed by Tredegar Film Products.  They make non-woven fabric, sold in giant white rolls, to be used in layers by manufacturers of products for personal use.  3D-MA was hired by Atlantic Exhibits (now part of Impact XM) to assist Tredegar Film Products in making a brand transition.  While Tredegar is a global leader in plastic films and aluminum extrusions, the film products division needed to differentiate itself from the industrial mother ship.  The existing brand imagery was heavy black type accented by complex wave like layers of bright orange, purple and green.  How do you transition your brand from the mother ship while still respecting your roots?


Tredegar needed a softer more relatable story that touched people on a personal level, but still needed to feature the technology driven solutions they provide as well as their global manufacturing capabilities.  It was important that image choices and color usage establish a visual vocabulary with international flair, on point with their global client base.  More rounded typography, dark grays instead of heavy blacks and just the right balance of color helped us hit the mark.  A potential client’s lack of proximity to your manufacturing facilities will create insurmountable turnaround time and shipping cost deal breakers in this industry.  A clear nod confirming Tredegar’s global manufacturing locations was woven elegantly into the new visual cues without the usual location pins on a globe.

Once the new visual system had been established, Tredegar urgently needed film documentation of lab tests from their latest products summarized in a highlight reel of results as well as various graphics designed for their upcoming trade fair in Geneva, Switzerland.  Tredegar also needed assistance honing the sales presentations to be used onsite.  How did it all come together once 3-dimensional life was breathed into the it?  That is another case study!

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