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Design + Production / Graphic Design / High Res Production


The Scope of Work was to translate Fulham’s brand into 3dimensional space via an upcoming trade fair stand for LightFair International, but with architecture that can easily be built using fabrication techniques common for upcoming events in India, China and Germany.  3D-MA developed graphical product display templates to create the hierarchy required for quick and easy product navigation. This provided an organized platform for the “white paper” type of engineering information required for each product along with memorable interactive live demos. It also keeps annual product changes low cost.  We added a secondary color palette that complimented the main brand, also used to dominate the color schizophrenia of the sub-brands. This created even more visual clarity. We felt crisp clean lines best conveyed the precision of an ISO 9001 manufacturer, streamlining the space to its most effective functional simplicity. Sightlines and traffic flow were perfect for the type of product interactions occurring at each kiosk station with an easy migration to sit down meeting space. Above all, LIGHTING was carefully orchestrated to control and direct the attention of attendees towards feature areas. Clean and simple.

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