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ROYAL / part 2

Exhibit Design / Production / 3d Brand System / Graphic Design / High Res Production

You can’t create a brand identity if you’re not identifiable and Royal Building Products was ready to differentiate itself from everyone else at the upcoming International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas, NV.  As a billion dollar manufacturer of premium siding, decking, trim & moulding (“King’s English” spelling), ROYAL has a deep product line with a zillion SKUs of shapes, sizes, profiles, textures and colors, all requiring different physical display requirements (mounted vertically, horizontally, sample bins, semi-installed, etc.) with color schemes that do not all go with each other all stuffed in the same space, which can quickly become a confusing mess or create a really long run on sentence, whichever comes first. 


The easy solution, implemented by most, would be to make a house vignette, but this would undermine differentiation.  Ultimately, the products must be properly installed like it would be on a house, using all materials that go on a house, but still not look like a house.  Fortunately, we LOVE a challenge here!  Here is how we breathe 3-dimensional life into your brands to create “Branditecture”:  First, we break the brand, sub-brands and products/services (along with supporting assets) into 3 primary tiers of physical space.  In doing this we are able to create the visual hierarchy we need for organization, as well as quick and easy product line navigation.  Then we break each product down into various engagement zones, based on each product’s unique set of needs.  After that we put Despicable Me on repeat in the background (to facilitate the proper creative aura, of course) and design the most head turning product displays and exhibit space for siding, decking and moulding you’ve ever seen.  A photo of the new exhibit design on the front page of Wall Street Journal (economy section) on opening day of the event didn’t hurt our feelings either.   Voilà.  That’s all there is to it! 

We would not have accomplished what we set out to do without that booth. Thank you so much for your design and you and your team’s hard work.

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