Let the World Go ‘Round.

Let It Smell Good.

[ IDESA Mission, edited ]  As a company that came into being in Barcelona, we identify with the creative, dynamic spirit of the city as a design hub.  We are excited about what we do.  We feel our work gives us passion for design.  We believe in creativity as the most positive value for progress in business.  In Spain, we distribute the most creative perfumes in the Italian fashion world.  We believe in fashion as a cultural and artistic phenomenon.  The work of its creators provides the oxygen for our atmosphere.  We create scents with personality. Unique perfumes.  Contemporary fragrances. Smooth and elegant. Exquisite. Modern. Innovative in the shapes of the bottles. Experimental in the materials. Bold in concept. Objects of design. State-of-the-art gift packs.  Awards: eight FiFis, two Hispacks, one Worldstar, three Liderpacks, one T de Telva award, one Cosmopolitan, two GQs, one FHM and four from the Perfume Academy


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Did you read the IDESA Mission above?  Wow.  3D-MA’s challenge was to design a 3-dimensional space that would capture such an amazing spirit, highlighting their unique line of award winning products, including all production and installation for an upcoming exhibition in Cannes, France.  As long time lovers of Calatrava and students of Spanish architecture, we knew there was nothing that would convey the proud Spanish heritage of IDESA better than curves.  Working nearly around the clock with production teams and a client in very different times zones, we were able to deliver a stand where the beauty of curves speak the distinct language of Spanish architecture.  We created separation between the visually diverse line of products, but used the rounded corners and slopes of curves to maintain an easy natural spatial flow.  Thoughtfully implemented sight lines, glass and translucent images gave people enticing glimpses of the interior, created intrigue and flooded the space with natural light.  Display cases seem to float in this bright, curvaceous world, commanding your attention with smartly positioned mirrors, lighting and chrome around IDESA’s unique products.  This space was an absolute gem to behold and we could not have been more proud to deliver it for such great people.

It was a fantastic and original booth and a real improvement in quality and design versus our previous years. From my side, it was as well a pleasure to work with 3D Marketing Associates, for your availability, follow up and ability to give an answer to the unexpected situations. Congratulations then from our side.