ANGELINI / part 2

Global 3d Design Development + Production


Our 3d solution started with making basic walls of delineation a crisp, clean, white matte finish, complimented with a perfectly balanced range of grays, flirting with all black, but never crossing the line.  Higher interest areas such as the product glorifying display cases had the greatest range of white to dark grey and were assigned semi-gloss, gloss and chrome surfaces.  Quite deliberately these areas had the highest concentration of lighting (under lit, edge lit / accent and pendant) creating rich layers of luxurious mirrored reflectivity.  A grand crescendo of these design techniques was deliberately concentrated into select areas, drawing the eyes instinctively to that which was most important: the products.


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The reproducibility of the design in both Asia and Europe in three different sizes demonstrates the design’s adaptability in scale and the consideration taken to ensure that variances in construction materials and methods did not interfere with brand standards.  Perhaps the greatest accomplishment was the cross-cultural appeal among the internal staff as well as across target audiences, still avoiding a clash of brands, yet acquiring a strong and memorable brand image unique to Angelini Beauty.  We carefully employed elements of design that have stood the test of time: layers, pattern, hierarchy, transparency, reflectivity and well executed lighting.  Using these common threads, the stand wove connections between cultures until we had a single branded architectural concept.  This allowed each culture to be fully represented, giving the team, as a whole, something with which they could fall in love.  Angelini Beauty drew overall traffic “at least double” what they had experienced in TFWA Cannes the year before.  We don’t know this for sure, but heavily suspect our stand design is probably what inspired the film 50 shades of grey that was released 2 years later.  (kidding!) 

We have done it! We have written the first glorious chapters of this company’s history and when others look back, they will know that we were the pioneers!

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