Semi-transparent bands that create angular intersections like these panels from were presented as options.

ANGELINI / part 1

Brand Development / Visual Identity

When the Italian pharmaceutical group, Angelini, announced the acquisition and merger of an Italian and Spanish fragrance company, they created one of the largest fragrance companies in the world, Angelini Beauty.  The new brand was making its global debut at an upcoming event (TFWA Asia Pacific) in Singapore, only weeks away, yet no brand image existed beyond a single logo.  Our challenge was to create the visual vocabulary for their new brand, then begin the process of translating this new brand image from 2-dimensions to 3-dimensions, manifested as a stand design complete in time for the event. 


Meanwhile we had a common puzzle to solve: a mother company that wants to establish memorable recognition for its own brand within the same space as its more recognizable brand names.  Yet each brand, including its own, is identifiably unique, cannot overshadow each other and must coexist in same space without creating a “cacophony” (as the CMO described).  As the common canvas for sub-brands, the more bland and generic the visual cues of the mother ship, the less chance of creating issues with sub-brands, yet the less memorable.  In this case, we had an added twist: strongly conflicting preferences between Italian, French and Spanish cultures, as well as primary target audiences, such as Asia.  How do you find balance?  To help Angelini Beauty create a memorable, unique brand image of its own, we utilized timeless d­­esign techniques to weave a common thread between cultures into a visual vocabulary that would seamlessly translate from 2d to 3d all over the world.  For our final solutions, please see case study 7, Angelini / part 2.


Various methods and patterns of layering in and on glass were considered.


Small variations in pattern create large visual changes when repeated over a large surface area.


Above is one of the many pattern, tone on tone and stripe combinations considered.

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