ROYAL at IBS 2015

On opening day, a photo of our design for ROYAL Building Products was featured in the Wall Street Journal in an article about the International Builders’ Show.

New Build Design and Estimating Timelines

Timeline Guidelines

So what exactly does a realistic timeline for designing and getting pricing for a new exhibit look like?  Typically companies underestimate the amount of time required for the design, estimating and CAD / sample approval process, and overestimate the amount of time required for construction. There is wise saying in the exhibit industry, “Measure twice. Cut once.” As you can see in the schedule below (assuming there are no delays and all goes well) one full design option with pricing can be done in just 4 weeks! Factors that would extend this timeframe include the busy seasons (typically fall and spring,) holidays/vacations and current workload: Read more


Although this is far from a comprehensive question guide, it will certainly assist in helping you prepare for the next event. Some of these questions are generic and some simply may not apply to your situation. However, it will give an idea of what basic information your chosen exhibit company will need as well as what you might need to ask your staff internally. Thorough and detailed information will create a more effective overall strategy, a more compelling design and reduce your costs. Read more