We are a global / 3d / creative / production agency.  That means no matter where you are on this earth, we offer a turnkey full suite of services (one stop shopping) for 3d spaces, events and trade shows including:

  • creative /strategic planning / design
  • project management / executive production
  • fabrication / graphics / installation
  • transportation / warehouse storage

You wouldn’t know it from the 24 hour / 7 day work schedule, but we are actually based in Atlanta, GA, USA.  A Barcelona based company should probably hire an Atlanta based agency to produce a project in Singapore, right?  We think so too.  Welcome to the global economy!  In given years we’ve produced more in Europe than the U.S., so it’s clear that passion, creativity and out of the box solutions make our client’s goals a reality, not our location nor the location of the event.  Experience the customer service just one time and you will forget all about time zones.

The 20 years of experience brought to the table by the founder, Ben Arritt, is your portal to a worldwide support network that has produced $60 million in projects for him in the past 15 years alone.  As for the U.S., unless your project is larger than 6 entire convention halls rented out at the same time (product launch of Windows 2000), you’re not going to throw something at us that is larger than Ben has done before.  In fact, Atlanta is such a hot bed of fabrication and suppliers, the U.S. based Exhibit Designers and Producers Association (EDPA) has made Atlanta home as well.

So whatever you feel you didn’t accomplish at your last event / show / project is a quick phone call away from getting resolved.  Hope to hear from you soon!